Dent and Ding Repair & Removal Services

At Dent Focus we use specialized tools that allow us to gain access to the damaged panel and with precise pushes, we are able to rebuild the metal back to its original shape without damaging the vehicle’s factory paint.


Hail Damage

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage auto repair for your car or truck can be an expensive and time consuming process when traditional body shop methods are applied.

With Dent Focus we are fast, affordable, and serve at your convenience. We deliver high-quality Paintless Dent Removal work that will help you to get your car back in shape and back on the road as quickly as possible.Best price in the industry, and satisfaction guaranteed!


Bumper Dent Repair

A body shop would replace the damaged bumper and do the paint job – costing you money and time. At Dent Focus we will use a method of paintless dent repair, so most bumper dent will cost less than $100, and be gone within 1 hour!


Headlight Restoration

Dent Focus can restore and refinish your yellowed or grayed headlights. This process re-clears the outer layer of the light and can make it look new again.

This service is only offered as an add on to dent repair, not a stand-alone service.


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